Chronic Fatigue Syndrome–All Just in Your Head?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been a controversial diagnosis since it was first introduced. They have been no clear tests for it and there are many other health disorders which can also look like it.

However, a recent study discovered that it just may be all in your head–particularly in the development of white matter in your brain.White matter is part of the nervous system which relays messages between parts of the nervous system–kind of like the highways and bypasses, compared to the array of city streets. The researchers found that there is less overall white matter in the brains of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. they specifically found less white matter which connects the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe. We do not know the specific ways in which this decreased white matter might affect the experience of feeling fatigue, but it at least gives strong indication that the disorder is a biologically-based disorder, rather than made-up by people who are “lazy” or “just depressed.”

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